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    S.K, California, USAS.K, California, USA
    Thank you! These words cannot fully express my gratitude for your tireless and tenacious effort on my behalf that yielded a great success. As you well know, I was a victim of an international fraud operation. What I originally thought to be a legitimate investment in a UK based ...
    D.H.B, MD, Montana, USAD.H.B, MD, Montana, USA
    Throughout the years I had many professional contacts with the many lawyers, some were very good. However, I have never worked with a lawyer as efficient, goal targeted and knowledgeable as you have proven to be. Add your tremendous success on my case, to see why I am wholeheartedly ...
    T.S , Michigan, U.S.AT.S , Michigan, U.S.A
    I want to thank you for your successful efforts on my behalf regarding my recent legal dispute. My six figure “investment” was recovered completely. I have to say that I had little hope of seeing any of that money again, let alone the full amount. The legal system can work ...
    U.S. Department of JusticeU.S. Department of Justice
    Due to his successful litigation efforts in Israel, [Haggai Carmon] was appointed to be legal counsel for the US Embassy there.
    A memo from a top U.S. diplomat in the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the U.S Department of Justice.A memo from a top U.S. diplomat in the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the U.S Department of Justice.
    Haggai deftly handled all of the arguments [in court], and was clearly in command from the beginning. The difference in quality between our lawyer and the plaintiff’s was stark. It was like watching an excited Chihuahua yap at a seasoned Great Dane – the Chihuahua can make all the noise ...
    A memo from a top U.S. diplomat in the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the U.S Department of Justice.A memo from a top U.S. diplomat in the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the U.S Department of Justice.
    Although the lawsuit was totally unjustified, we thought it would be difficult to defend, but Haggai devised a brilliant defense strategy that worked perfectly.
    U.S. Department of JusticeU.S. Department of Justice
    I have also received compliments on [Haggai Carmon's] work from many US Government agencies, including Internal Revenue, State Department, several US Attorney's offices, National Endowment for the Arts, and the US Postal Inspection Service.
    U.S. Department of JusticeU.S. Department of Justice
    US Government agencies have assigned him with the worldwide responsibility (except for the US) of complex multi-national and multi-million dollar cases which required sensitive investigative work in more than 30 countries.
    U.S. Department of JusticeU.S. Department of Justice
    [Carmon & Carmon's] achievements in gathering intelligence have been essential and invaluable for the United States..
    U.S. Department of JusticeU.S. Department of Justice
    [Carmon & Carmon's] work for the Justice Department...has been highly professional and successful.
  • Evidence Gathering

    We are experienced in locating qualified operatives in foreign countries, guiding them to the necessary information we need, then analyzing the raw data received and issuing further instructions.

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  • Litigation Experience

    Major international corporations engage Haggai Carmon to internationally search, discover sue and recover debtors worldwide. Currently Haggai Carmon manages operations and legal proceedings in 12 countries.

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  • Intelligence Gathering Experience

    Since 1985, and for twenty years, Haggai Carmon was engaged by the U.S government to perform intelligence gathering that required sensitive undercover work in more than thirty countries.

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  • Legal Skills

    Haggai Carmon a cum laude graduate of the Tel Aviv University Law School and a holder of a Master’s degree from St. John’s University in New York, is the author of FOREIGN JUDGMENTS IN ISRAEL – RECOGNITION AND ENFORCEMENT, published in Hebrew

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